Buttons and Bows

I met Mo last week at happy hour to watch the Laker game, and she told me about the fashion blog she and her friend just started. It's still new, but already has great content and shows her unique style as well as her penchant for jewelry crafting. Above is one of my favorite looks she posted. Verrrry cute! Sooo yah check her out at buttonsandbowsLA.


Mo said...

oh sam?.....I know this is oh so sudden, but will you marry me?

..I know we just met...but I really feel like we have this connection..

Ha HA! Creepy. Anyway, Thanks for the amazing love. I love your blog as well.

Will have to do a write up of yours as well.

Anyway posted the FIN art show on my blog as well as a link to yours included in the post.

will see you tomorrow for sure ;)

issa said...

OMG she's got fantastic style.. i'm going to check their blog out now.

ps. i'm jealz* i wanna hang out with you and the made lady crew one day.