Carmichael Galley

Last thursday, we went to the Get Rich Quick opening at the Carmichael Gallery. And let me tell you the seller's table was more crowded than the bar, as lots of big names such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, & Kaws were featured and up for grabs.

Vandal's Wall


David Choong Lee. Unurth.com has a great coverage of this event. In fact a friend sent me this photo from unurth, cuz I'm in the background! I spy oversize khaki shorts, do you?

The front of the gallery featured a display by Brazilian artist Thais Beltrame, called "When All the Stars are Gone". Beautiful work! Huge cute factor with somewhat somber undertones. I would definitely want to own some of these pieces.


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issa said...

HEY! where are your shorts from.. I LOVE SO MUCH.