Make Up Forever

I am that girl in Sephora going up and down each aisle, trying on every perfume and testing every lipgloss. Lately, I will literally spend hours there marveling at the meelllions of shiny beauty products on the shelves, trying to figure out what each thing does.

Anyway, I have a new discovery to share. MAKE UP FOREVER's HD Microperfecting Primer in Green. You see, I have a problem with redness, because I'm really pale and you can see straight through to my blood cells. I need to tell you quickly that this concealer saves LIVES. I'm pretty sure it does. You just dab a little bit on your face after you put on moisturizer, and the green pigmentation cancels out the redness. It's a little pricey $32, but since you don't need a lot per usage, it should last a year or two...

Does anyone else have redness problems? What do you use?


KATLIN said...

Oh I might have to try this out! My skin is so sensitive and I hate wearing and putting makeup on, so I'll have to try this! I usually just wear tinted moisturizer and light powder... but my skin still gets red. Thanks for the tip!

C.Chico said...

i use Smashbox photo finish color adjust. it's green too. definitely works for me, sometimes i wear it alone without make up just to get rid of some red spots.