MADE for Lovers.

Snaps from the MADE Jewelry party in SF. I don't remember what happened, but I'm positive good times were had. Debbie and Abi always hold it down, and even let me DJ for the party. Harold and my college girlfriend collective were on hand as the libations flowed and my memory dissolved into bay area fog.

All around excellent Bay Area weekend escape! Snuggie getdowns, pillowtalk with the gf's, Korean s(e)oul food breakfast, run-ins with crack bums on Haight, Salvador Dali exhibit, and all the public transpo. LA please step up your pub.transpo game.


First Lady of MADE said...

thx again for coming up sam! now its our turn to make the trek down to LA...will do soon! xo

kiss me quick said...

you DJ! awesome!
Cool pictures. Looks like you were haveing alot of fun. yey

xxx from kissmequick

Kidix said...

heya Sam. It was nice meeting you! :D I was like in an awkward awe haha

twitter me! radivoactive :]

Anonymous said...

hey sam! you're blog is so cute. and i also looooove your little pink dress. do tell where you scored on that little number!


Cas Ruffin said...

Nice meeting you! We should do it again sometime.