Military Coats

photo cred. Fashion Toast . Style Sightings

I'm traveling to NY next week, so is it bad that I was secretly gleeful that it might rain a couple of days that i'm there? i'm ready to put my military jacket to work. so far it has been sulking in the corner due to this 80 degree LA heat.

On another note, I nearly choked on my lunch yesterday when I found out I was selected as Fab Sugar's "Look of the Day". Thank youuuuuu!


InnyVinny said...

Have fun if/when it rains...I'm sure we'll still be sweltering. Ugh. I may have to go back east to get out of this heat myself.

yiqin; said...

Please have winter in Singapore so I get to wear these adorable coats!!

Valencia Lia said...

Congrats on your feature girl !!!

Ohhh my,I too am in need of a military jacket:)
Love the one in the 2nd photo <3 <3

And you're in NY now I must think. Ahhhh,so envious !