bethesda terrace
latte from stumptown at ace nypopeye pizza with pecorino, gruyère, buffalo mozzarella, spinach, black pepper, garlicolive oil poached baby artichoke hearts, shaved parmesan, capers, arugula, and lemon

There's really no better way to get into the Fall spirit than by playing in New York at the turn of the season. The leaves are beginning to yellow and sprinkle across the pavement. Sweeping breezes have a bite, and cloaking yourself with 2 or 3 layers is no longer just optional. Indulgences shift from frozen yogurt to organic lattes. NY weather is moody enough to exercise all kinds of outfits; cold in the morning, solid rain for 3 hours in the afternoon, warm & humid by nightfall. So you know I literally packed a suitcase full of jackets I never wear in LA just so I could give them some love.

On this particularly grey Friday, we picked up coffee from Stumptown, hung at the steps of Bethesda Terrace, and went for dinner some yummy pizza at Co. Stumptown opened a week ago at the Ace Hotel, definitely a must-see, must-try.

PS eeee my bing bang ring came in the mail today! i love it!!!


InnyVinny said...

Sounds like you're having a great time...thank goodness it's getting cooler out here.

Now what of this new ring?

Tito Jong said...

You two are too adorable.

Yay for layering!

yiqin; said...

The latte art looks so pretty :)

Adrienne said...

Swoonsville. So official.

Valencia Lia said...

Gorgeous photos !!! And I love the veggie pizza,looks so so yummy :)

Love love your slouchy beanie and photos with your boy look so adorable !!!

Lainey said...

you are so stunning! And i love those pictures of the food. Mmmm...makes me so hungry.