Silverlake Art Crawl

UO Men's Tee, homemade bike shorts, thrifted bag, dolce vita boots, Intelligentsia coffee

So I do this thing where I drink black coffee at work all week and then treat myself to yummy lattes on the weekends. Last Sunday I took my latte up to Barnsdall Park to catch the tail-end of the Silverlake Art Crawl. Barnsdall is like Griffith Park's kid brother, a little lower in elevation, with an opposite but equally breathtaking view of Los Angeles. We perched up on the grass, ate an ice cream sandwich (coolhaus' brioche is ridiiiculously good btw), and watched beautiful people in their vintage shades toting around their beautiful mixed-ethnicity children. Gahhhh it was a sight to be seen, I wish my camera battery didn't die. :( Luckily, Lyndsey Wong from StyleSight snapped a photo of me and sent it over (thanks Lyndsey!).

I am obsessed with bike shorts now, after being inspired by my good friend. It's a good LA alternative to leggings, still extremely comfy, and so easy to make. Just take a tired pair of leggings, snip snip to your desired length, and voila! Even I can do it, and I am the worst DIY'er in the galaxy.


Tito Jong said...

Whoooo hooooo on the DIY. Word UP Bike Shorts!

PS, I haven't seen a twitterfeed from you in a while.

geri said...

biker shorts rule! i got those crazy lna ones with the zippers and feel like a total swedish blogger when i wear them. you look adorable (as always!)

Valencia Lia said...

I'm in huge love with my own bike shorts tooo !!

Love them so much,and now seeing you wear them,I'll wear them out soon too <3