Nickel Diner

Mmmm, I've been meaning to upload these photos for awhile! My boyfriend and I currently live on different sides of town, so knowing that there is an entire city of food between us often lends itself to spontaneous food stops between my house and his. One late night we ended up at the Nickel Diner for their famous bacon maple glazed donuts. Sounds bizarre, but it nails the sweet+savory craving perfectly.

So here it is, the news I've been waiting to tell you. I'm moving! I found a super cute studio space in Silverlake, and am in the process of packing and shopping around for furniture. My whole life is in boxes right now which sucks and sort of gives me anxiety. But I will definitely share pics as I begin to set up! I'm so excited!


InnyVinny said...

Damnit! I've been meaning to go there for months...completely forgot. Thank you for re-instilling the craving.

Kidix said...

super exciting!

kirstyb said...

yum yum yum xxx