Bottega Louie

My goal over break was to spend as much time in pajamas as possible, so I'm not exactly sure how my boyfriend managed to pry me off the couch for lunch, but he did. It was one (the only one) of those NY feeling days aka grey and rainy, so Bottega Louie was the perfect place for a Manhattanesque mid-day meal. Coats and umbrellas draped across the backs of chairs, and the harmonious blend of clanking silverware and chit chat echoing against the hollow of the enormous white walls reminded me of times I'd duck into Dean and Deluca for a quick coffee and momentary relief from the rain. Oh business trips.

But I digress. The point of this post is obviously the food. We ordered a lot of food, had about 70% hits and 30% misses, but I was too wrapped up in my Eastcoast moment and the great company to notice the slight misses. Here are the hits!

Portobello Fries. Possibly one of my best food moments of 2009. Beyond delicious.
Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Sage Crostini. Clams & Mussels.Hot Chocolate.Though I must maintain that LaMill has the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted.Vanilla Macaron.

PS - I took these photos with my new Canon G11, what do you think? Still trying to get a hang of all of the manual settings like aperture and ISO and shutter speed. Would love any tips you have to share ;)

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