Lakers vs. 76ers

The first thing we did in Philly was not the liberty bell, nope. It wasn't a museum, nah. We went to the Laker 76'er game at Wachovia Center! The Lakers being in the middle of an 8 game road stretch, I was dying to see them play in foreign territory. We had unbelievable seats too-- 7th row behind the Sixer bench! There were tons of Laker fans, so we felt right at home.
The special part about Philly sports is the crab fries. They are basically a bucket of seasoned fries with a buttery cheese sauce, and a crab flavor? I'm actually not sure, I sort of don't understand where the crab part came into play, but the fries were very delicious nonetheless.I'd been to maybe a dozen Laker games over the years, and up until Friday the Lakers had had a perfect win record when I'd been in attendance. But this was my first away game, and I wasn't sure how my mojo would hold up. Thankfully though, the Lakers WON! And my perfect record is still intact!

I used to post a my Laker related rants and blog entries on sosupersam.com, but I've since shuttled those posts over to my new Laker blog, olympicandfig, which I co-author with D. Have a look-see: olympicandfig.tumblr.com