110 Years of Fashion x SoSuperSam

Last Friday's 110 Years of Fashion retrospective was a huge success and so much fun. The project in a nutshell: 11 bloggers were each assigned a decade of fashion and paired with an LA designer to create a display that best interprets the style and culture of that time period.

For the next couple of weeks I worked with the sweet girls at Voom by Joy Hahn and our decade was...
The 80's!
At first I shuddered because the 80's were so tacky. But then I quickly realized that this was going to be a blast because it's SO TACKY. Here is my finalized display. I threw together a mish mash of fabric; hot pink lace, sequined black cotton, a shimmery silver jersey material, and purple fishnet. I found some classic John Hughes VHS' at my local Hoodwill. (Can you believe VHS tapes sell for $1?! I'm still not over it, I felt like I was being robbed for purchasing obsolete media.) I spray painted them gold and they turned out to really cute. Then I found an old Toshiba TV on Craigslist, went bananas with neon tape..and voila. The 80's!
Friday night there was an unveiling reception in the lobby of the California Market Center. I was really excited to see the other displays and meet the bloggers involved. And just as I expected, all of the decades were done beautifully, down to the very last detail.

Jazzi McG and the 2000's.
Mondette and the 1910's.
AllThingsOrdinary and the 1990's.
Kara & I.Our hands.Jackie of SomeNotesOnNapkins & I.

Thank you Chelsea & the entire team at California Market Center for having me participate, I had a blast!


Mo said...

super rad super sam, congrats!

Leslie said...

in regards to vhs: you can look at it another way...those tapes could be worth more than $1 since john hughes passed away last year. just trying to undo your bitterness :)