Gen Art Fashion Alumni Celebration

Pool at the Roosevelt HotelAmber Rose, Host for the evening

At first glance, Tuesday's Gen Art Fashion Alumni Celebration offered the makings of any good celebration. Postcard perfect LA weather at the Roosevelt? Check. Celebrity host? Check. Gratis libations, gift bag, and sponsored photobooth? Check, check, and check. By 7:45pm, LA's fashion community had arrived, Posso the DJ was spinning the best of her poolside selection, and we chatted fondly about the past Gen Art events we've loved, and the designers whose presentions we were about to see. But as the night wore on it became apparent that here was just one small eensy weensy teeny thing missing. And when the music cranked back up after an exceedingly brief speech, my small concern had grown into full blown confusion:

Where was the fashion?

Society for Rational Dress? Grey Ant? Geren Ford? Where were the labels we came to celebrate? The designers' spotlight was reduced to a dim flame, presentations relegated to a few dazed and confused models who were probably searching for a catwalk and instead found themselves circling the fire pit. I hoped to see more, but that was that, and I left, eating my bag of complimentary Pop Chips, and disappointed that this event was an unusual miss.

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