Saving Daylight

Most groan about being robbed of an hour, but Daylight Savings is my favorite day of the year. It means Spring is just around the corner and gives us all an extra hour or 2 of sunshine every day to play! Jo is the only other person I know who loves daylight savings as much as I do, so we woke up early on Sunday and went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market to mark the beginning of all the spring & summer adventures to come. Coachella, barbecue grills, outdoor cinema, fresh strawberries, dipping toes in the sand, laying in the park, rollerskates...Are you excited yet?!


Ev`Yan | apricot tea. said...

I was there this past weekend, too! Too bad it was so crowded, or else I would have spotted you. :]

InnyVinny said...

I keep forgetting which Sunday this is on. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!