Ricky's Fish Taco Stand

Ricky's Fish Taco is not the latest food truck. He doesn't double park or roll to every art walk and flea market. Ricky's Fish Taco is one man with a stand. You don't need to geotrack him because he's right where you left him last weekend. Still fairly new to my hood, I had only heard of the legendary Ricky and his fish tacos. Regularly set up in front of the now-shuttered cellphone store on Sunset & Santa Monica, I had even driven by several times, each time promising myself that I was going to try this mysterious cart some day.

But after those torrential downpours that rocked SoCal out of its flip flops, I didn't see the cart with the fish fryer anymore. Had Ricky washed away? Would I never have the chance to try the fish taco cart with the stellar Yelp reviews?

Until last weekend. I spotted him in the nursery of Mi Alma, a very serene garden of succulent plants and vintage patio furniture. Game on Ricky! So. The tacos. The generous portion of white fish is fried to order and he dressed the tacos himself with homemade salsas & a drizzle of mayo. So delicious! The best part is that Ricky is extremely friendly and made sure we were enjoying our food.

If you're in Sunset Junction on a weekend afternoon, definitely stop by and visit Ricky, and keep up with him on twitter: @RickysFishTacos


Lainey said...

Oooh, this place sounds delicious. I hope to try him out. I have an undying love for fish tacos. And judging from the pics, I feel like these will be life-changing. :)

Fashion Intel said...

I follow Ricky on Twitter and have been dying to try his fish tacos. Not only do they look delicious but he seems like such a friendly guy!

If you're into fish tacos I HIGHLY recommend Baja Ensenada in East L.A. They're my favorite

PS I found your blog via Geri and I can't believe it has taken me this long! Love what you're doing here - you've got a commenter for life. I also added you to my blogroll. See ya around.

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Um, YUM! Those tacos look super delish! And I love succulent plants as well, if I had enough space I'd have a whole garden of them.

InnyVinny said...

BET!!! Next time I'm over there, I'm looking for Ricky.