After a sleepless journey to San Diego and back, I was looking for a quiet place to wind down and enjoy some carbs. Haha. So my boyfriend took me to dinner at Speranza, another beautiful Silverlake nook to dine al fresco. Their claim to fame: homemade pasta! Albeit not the most mind blowing food on the planet, the menu is solid, and the ambiance of their heated patio is peaceful comfort at its best. You'll even find a blanket draped over the back of your chair, for added warmth when the temperature drops to a nippy 74 degrees instead of the usual 75 degrees we are so accustomed to. Fun tip: you are encouraged to bring your own bottle of wine, and best of all there's no corkage fee. Rad? I think so.

It gets better. Our check came out with a side of homemade cookies which are KILLER. I wish I had gotten a photo, I don't even know how to describe these cookies but honestly I think I would go to Speranza for those cookies alone.


geri said...

ohhh i must try! you look ador. xo

Fashion Intel said...

Can't wait to go! Are you a Silverlake resident? If so, I'll keep my eyes out for you when I'm around town.

What is your favorite burger in the area? I recently tried The Fix and LOVED it.

You've got good taste (no pun intended) in food so I thought I could ask you.

Lainey said...

ooh, this place sounds amazing. I love the fact that there's no corkage fee. That's reason enough to go.


now i see you've been living life with reeeeaaaalll good food! spare me some!