Road to Seoul

WARNING: This post contains heaping mounds of raw meat & seafood.

Road to Seoul is where all the cool kids go for KBBQ. For $16.99 you get the clean & modern look of Cho Sun Galbee, the quality ingredients of Tahoe, and the off-the-wall celebratory antics of Manna. Almost sounds to good to be true, but after checking it out myself I know it's true.

The ban chan is extensive and even includes a Korean pancake, and the cuts of meat are not fatty. The staff is really nice and responsive. And the building is teeming with young energy. I found myself grilling meat to the beat of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and a string of K-Pop hits in this huge dimly lit room of leather booths & sleek tables, before looking up and deciding that heaven must be an all-you-can-eat ultra lounge.

Ban chan is the bomb chan.
Gigantor kimchi leaves.
Let me see your grill.
Meeeeeeat. Everything is delicious except for maybe the prime rib.
Action shot.
More meaty meat. We also tried the baby octopus, which is just repulsive to look at, but actually pretty tasty once cooked.
My standard KBBQ favorites are galbi and brisket. I also love grilling kimchi and garlic.
Then I take a piece of grilled meat, add a bit of egg and a piece of lettuce, and wrap it all up in rice paper (I prefer rice wrapper to actual rice). Finally I top it off with a concoction of sesame oil & salt.


Wilmar said...

road to seoul is bomb. the brisket and samgyeopsal are the best items. and i love their banchan!

InnyVinny said...

You and these food posts! I always leave hungry.

Fashion Intel said...

I have yet to go here, but your post has me making plans for this weekend. I'm a fan of the cheap and delicious "Corner Spot" but your photos have me excited for something new!

itsmelissy_ said...

Everything looks exquisite! I need to find something like this in Miami...

Erika M said...

mmmm I had to try this out, I went last night!
Keep the food posts coming!

Closet Hound said...

All of that looks ridiculously delicious

- Sharon