Din Tai Fung

I met Natalie of Fashion Intel not too long ago at the Refinery29 LA launch party. Almost instantaneously it became apparent that we share the same love: FOOD. And from that night on it was inevitable that Natalie and I were fated for a food adventure. So, last weekend we went out for soup dumplings at Din Tai Fun in Arcadia!

The best way to enjoy Din Tai Fung dumplings is by reading the elaborate instructions. Luckily for my novice stature, Natalie, Asael, and Dennis had already mastered their soup dumpling technique. I was in good hands!
Soup dumplings!
Pork/veggie buns.
Shrimp Shumai.
Everything was so delicious, these photos don't even do the food any justice. Now that I think about it, I should have taken a couple of cross sections of the food so you could see the goodness inside these little dumplings. Next time!

And stay tuned! I'm not good at cooking food, but I am good at cooking up plans. More food dates with Natalie are in the works! For now, check out her fabulous site http://www.fashionintel.com/


Wilmar said...

i <3 din tai fung :)

InnyVinny said...


Fashion Intel said...

Boy did we have a good time. I look forward to our many culinary escapades. Thanks for the shoutout, I'm super happy that you enjoyed the food and had a fun time.

Next time we should take photos galore. xoxo