Lazy Ox Canteen

Friday, I went to the Natural History Museum for their First Fridays, this month featuring Neon Indian. Check it out if you've never been, it's a pretty fun activity! But after having a beer and a dance party with the dinosaurs, all I could think about was where we were going for dinner afterward. We decided Lazy Ox Canteen, because Lazy Ox always delivers top notch tummy satisfaction and this night was no different.

Lengua Ravioli. !!!!!! I KNOW! served with toasted nuts and dried chilis. This dish was to die for.
Mussels in a French feta cheese, white wine, basil, sriracha sauce.

The burger is a must-try. One of my favorite burgers in LA! Comes with fries and a homemade stone ground mustard as well as a beautiful smoked paprika aioli.
The lovely part about Lazy Ox is that their menu is seasonal and always rotating save for a few menu staples (like the burger), so you can always look forward to trying something new with every visit.


ari said...

that foos looks delish! i love the first pic... amazing!

InnyVinny said...

Ok, I'm going to next First Friday since everyone is having fun and posting about it. =D

And this Lazy Ox place looks swank and delicious. I have to swing by sometime.