Vibes & Stuff Radio

Vibes & Stuff is an online radio show based in Los Angeles that streams global music and features a guest DJ every Saturday & Sunday afternoon from 2p-6p. The show is led by DJ Concise, a heavyweight in the LA music scene who started Rhythm Section, and plays his eclectic selection all over Los Angeles at parties like the Do Over and Afro Funke.

Trembling in the hot hot heat, I nervously headed out to the Vibes & Stuff radio show on Saturday afternoon to guest DJ and interview live on the air. I was a certified nervous wreck because I've never done anything like this before! Luckily everyone at Vibes & Stuff is so welcoming and fun to hang out with, which put me at ease. After a live set, I sat down and discussed a variety of topics from male/female DJ stereotypes, to learning how to "Dougie", and I even sang on the air! It was all so super fun times and stuff, so thank you Concise, Val, Wella, Idea, and Enzo for having me!

Here is my episode on Vibes & Stuff below! Mix begins at app 01:16, and look for my interview at 02:15.

Tune into Vibes & Stuff on U-Stream, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!


Fashion Intel said...

Asael and I just finished listening to your set and interview and let me say, girrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you've got skills! We both really enjoyed your mix and can I just say that the sounds of Hall & Oates was a great surprise in there. The hip hop was solid but I wasn't expecting H&O. Niiiiiice.

I really also appreciated how you answered the question about gender and djing. Very smart. Lastly, how I could leave out the singing? Wowie!

PS I need to go to Forage already!

PhoenixAnd5th said...

Good job, Sam! I really like the mix. You played a lot of my favs :D

ari said...

great mix!! :)
you are very talented

PhoenixAnd5th said...

I didn't know the MADE event was your first gig! haha glad I attended, you're such a sweetheart! :] :]

Retrospekt said...

Someone sent this to the band, please don't mention DDL to try and add to your credibility but not even mention our name.

LOL your a dj now? I wonder how long this will last.

Tito Jong said...