Huevos rancheros from the lovely BLD restaurant. We went there for brunch and absolutely loved it, I need to go back for dinner. The space was really well designed, modern with close attention to detail-- right down to the clean lines of the stainless steel salt & pepper shakers. And the food, excellent. A new favorite spot.

And with this meal, I've eaten at 36 of Jonathan Gold's 99 Essential LA Restaurants List of 2009. Hmmm...that number is surprisingly low for the amount of dining out I do. Like a true goober, last year I set a goal to dine at all 99 on the list in a year's time. That 1 year mark is fast approaching (August 27), and there's really no way I'm going to meet that damned deadline without filing for bankruptcy after Urusawa dinz, or accepting a new double digit pants size. So I'll meet you half way, and aim to hit 50 locations by August 27. Here goooeeeesss!


Anonymous said...

50 new goals for next year :)

Fashion Intel said...

Our food brains are totally in sync. Seriously, when that issue came out last year I went through the list and checked all the places I've been too. A lot are in the SGV so I have the luxury of walking down the street or driving 5 mins. I'll help you get to 50 if you'd like - I'm always down to dine!

Now onto these delicious huevos rancheros, they look delicious! I need to eat that asap.

S.O.F.A.T. Blog said...

Hi Super Sam!

I read J. Gold's article a month or two ago.. I had eaten at 16 of those places already! Lots of those places are in my area.. let me know if you're around.. we can grab some pork pump or yellow fish fried with hair seaweed together!


InnyVinny said...

*fist pump*