Viet Noodle Bar

A day that includes Vietnamese food is 9 times out of 10 a remarkable day. And because you can never have enough remarkable days, I want to share with you my local Vietnamese haunts:

Pho Cafe, Silverlake.
Also popularly referred to as Hipster Pho due to the almost intimidatingly hip clientele. But really this place is no nonsense solid pho, vermicelli bowls, and spring rolls. It's cash only (and I never have cash (word the wise if you're thinking about robbing me!)), otherwise it is my favorite place to eat, and it stays open until midnight every night.

Viet Noodle Bar, Atwater Village (pictured above)
A bit pricey, but the soy skin noodle bowl is worth the money. Big community tables with free wifi make this place a study hall in paradise.

Gingergrass, Silverlake.
Full menu with dinner entrees. My go-to is always the Gingergrass tofu plate with sauteed bokchoy. I recommend this place for a casual dinner date, you can walk to one of the nearby bars afterwards.

Cheers to remarkable days!


Fashion Intel said...

I agree that a life filled with Vietnamese food is a life totally worth living. Soda chanh is my death row drink of choice and I'll never say no to a bowl of pho or bun. All of these spots are delicious and probably the best places in your hood.

Since we both share a love for this cuisine, I look forward to taking you to my local favorite joints. Here are my top 3:
1. Vietnam Restaurant
2. Saigon Eden
3. Saigon Flavor (same family as Golden Deli)

Look forward to chowing down with you!

jamie-lee said...

oh my gosh those photos look so good and the restaurants sound good too!


InnyVinny said...


Where is Atwater Village in relationship to K-town? I need that bowl.

PhoenixAnd5th said...

Try White Shallot next time you're in nor cal! It's Vietnamese and French. very quaint meets contemporary and not too pricey either. Many of the ingredients are bought locally from Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Excuse the propaganda, but I think you'd really like it! :D

hannah said...

mmm, looks pretty good!
i can tell you love food as much as i do! ;)