Fat Beats with Donald Glover

photo credit: brian moreno

Still in major shock from last night. Donald Glover did an impromptu and very intimate show, wherein he freestyled and rapped entire songs off his album over classic Dilla and Primo beats. Call it a live remix, and those who were able to come out know how magical it was to experience it within the historic walls of a hip hop mecca like Fat Beats LA. RIP Fat Beats. Thank you Donald for letting me share in the experience!


dylan said...

saw your fb announcement and wanted to go, but i think i got there too late- no one was there.

Matthew James said...

I loved the show. You did great, and you were so nice afterward. Here is a highlight reel I put together from the show. Let me know what you think!


Matthew James Morgan


djtphr said...

dope. all vinyl too.