Mayer Hawthorne Firsts Mixtape

Hearty Magazine & DJ Lady Sha put together a delightful audio file in which Mayer Hawthorne cruises down memory lane, recalling many of his "firsts."

Mayer's interview peaked my interest, the adorable cover art drew me in, and in no time I was thinking of the ghetto ass mixtape cassettes I made using songs I'd record straight off the radio.

I was big into the torturously depressing songs like Brian McKnight "One Last Cry," and SWV "Love Is So Amazing," and Deniece Williams "Silly." What was on your teenage mixtapes?


Brad said...

I need to ask a favour, I've exhausted my resources so I'm just asking everyone I can think of because this is bugging the HELL out of me.

I'm trying to think of a song. It's either dance or dubstep or some kind of halvsie.

It's built around Kernkraft 400, but the last note of it stutters in and out the way it does in Flosstramodus' Act A Fool mix. It also has a girl singing on top of it and her voice is modulated to cut in and out on the last note, too.

Ring a bell?

Thanks in advance if you even raise an eyebrow at this.

PS I love your cruel summer mix ;)

djladysha said...

thanks for the love mama:)

Anonymous said...

haha. i played OUT that swv song. love this!

Anonymous said...

HAHAH it DREW me in too...hahah