Here's a look inside my apartment. I live on a quaint little street in Silverlake, near some of my favorite places in the city -- Intelligentsia, the farmer's market, Forage, and Mohawk General Store. All Sunset Junction needs is a Japanese market, and I'd be in absolute heavennn.

Coffee table. I love candles, and this Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry candle is one of my favorites.
The Richard Haines illustration my boyfriend had commissioned for my 25th birthday.
Hello Kitty all day!
My reading nook is my favorite thing ever. I sit here in the morning wrapped in my snuggie with a cup of coffee and crossword puzzles, watching CNN.
Tables. How vintage is my Vestax 07 Pro mixer? I recently picked up the copy of Super Duck Breaks that was previously owned by DJ AM, my goal is to become a scratch master this year.
Over the holidays, I mounted 2 shelves onto my wall. A new home for my succulents! The Kelly Lamb geometric planter is so rustic and modern at the same time.
Bathroom. If you can't tell, I love whitewhitewhite everything.


Jadene said...

Niiice! I LOVE it! Sooo cute!

Fashion Intel said...

Such a great place Sam! Have me over and I'll cook for you! xoxo NJ

Lainey said...

Very cute, homey place. And I love white everywhere too. It's a nice clean look.

Xecutioner5 said...

Gorgeous! Want a roomie?

MissPlaced in Costa Rica said...

love what you've done with the place! much better with the white walls... hope that old grouch downstairs isn't giving you too much trouble. play your music loud! :)