Sang Yoon, the creator of Father's Office (one of my top 5 burger picks in Los Angeles), finally opened up his new eatery, Lukshon. Just a few doors down from Father's Office at Helm's Bakery, Lukshon is Yoon's modern Asian cuisine concept. Jo, Dennis, and I snagged a Friday night reservation in it's opening week, and we were met with some hits and some misses. Here's what went down:

First of all, I wasn't too thrilled to be greeted with a 30 minute wait when we clearly had reservations. However the cocktail menu and the outdoor fire pit did somewhat make up for the wait.

The napkins sort of look like a Louis Vuitton scarf, no?
Tea seems to be the specialty beverage on the menu. Will have to go back and order from the tea section.
The Foie Gras Ganache. While I usually dig foie gras ANYTHING, I did not enjoy this one. I felt like there wasn't enough of a complementary ingredient (usually something sweet) to balance out the foie gras, literally a lump of liver.
Spicy Chicken Pops. These babies were incredible. Almost unbearably spicy, but so good! but so spicy! but so good! but so spicy! but so...
Baby Monterey Squid. Also solid, but not brag-worthy.
X.O. Rice. This rice was highly recommended by the staff, and is prepared with a house-made x.o. sauce.
Chiang Mai Curry Noodles. I would skip this, and get the Dan Dan Noodles next time.
Garlic Pork Belly + Rice Cakes. This was delicious and fatty and great with the rice cakes!
Courtesy of the chef, they brought us a dessert trio!
My first experience at Lukshon was OK. We may have misfired with our ordering. I definitely would go back for the spicy chicken pops, and I still want to try the dandan noodles and the heirloom black rice.


Fashion Intel said...

Chicken Pops? YES PLEASE!

S.O.F.A.T. Blog said...

Sam, you gotta get the dan dan noodles at A&J!