Le Dauphin

"J'ai deux amours" - Madeleine Peyroux (An Education soundtrack)

The main objective whilst in Paris was to experience Le Chateaubriand, Inaki Aizpitarte's gastronomic eatery that is so highly applauded by foodies and chefs all around the world. Prior to our departure, we set our alarm clocks for 6am every morning in an attempt to call the reservationist as soon as the restaurant opened. What we got as a result was a long voicemail message on the other end of the line saying that Le Chateaubriand would be closed for renovation for the entire week that we'd be there. ...WHAT?!?!?!?!

Enter Le Dauphin. Le Dauphin is Aizpitarte's sister restaurant next door to Le Chateaubriand. While men hammered away at the construction zone that was Le Chateaubriand, we noshed on a light and delicious prix-fixe lunch next door at the modern minimally decorated Le Dauphin. Very delicious, but hopefully next time we'll be able to try Le Chateaubriand.
Le vin
Rouget, Pois chiche, fenouil & olive noire de Kalamata
Gigot d'agneau, pois chiche, fenouil & olive noire de Kalamata
Foie de veau, tabouleh de celeri, & pommes
Maquereau, betterave, & graines

The French and I really see eye to eye on dessert. All of my favorite things.
1. Coffee

2. Cheese and butter and bread for dessert. Hell yes.

3. Strawberries and creme fraiche.


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