MIXTAPE | This Way Up

I made a new mixtape! It' short, sweet, and has a little treat from Childish Gambino.

Special thanks to Donald Glover, and Red Laye Photography for the cover photograph.

Next week I'm jumping on tour with Childish Gambino, if you're there let's TOTALLY hang out.


Childish Gambino "The Sign Up Tour"
The Fillmore / Silver Springs, MD

Childish Gambino "The Sign Up Tour"
House of Blues / Boston, MA

Childish Gambino "The Sign Up Tour"
Terminal 5 / New York, NY

Childish Gambino "The Sign Up Tour"
House of Blues / Atlantic City, NJ

Childish Gambino "The Sign Up Tour"
Club Nokia / Los Angeles, CA

More info at www.sosupersam.com


KaYoTiK said...

so awesome...let me know if you can sneak my camera in for the LA show!

miss your face! see you friday =)

Matt Castro said...

this mix is fucking dope man

arjun chhabra said...

Downloading now, excited for this ... you're gonna be touring with Donald? I'll be in Silver Spring, see ya there.

PS, peep my mixtape coming out on 11/11/11. www.MIDSandSQUID.com

Anonymous said...

gambino shoulda just ran through this whole mixtape, you know he could

adrienne robbins said...

less than threeeeee

Justin said...

Great mix. The whole segment with the Yeasayer remix of Florence, Little Dragon and Cults "Abuducted" was especially dope.

Lenagrot@gmail.com said...

Hey Sam, awesome meeting you at Brooklyn Bowl for the Halloween show and getting to chat for a bit before we went on with Childish Gambino. Hope the DC show went well last night, enjoy the rest of the tour, and if you want, hit me up when you get back to NYC :) -Lena

Stephen said...

I saw you at the Fillmore! You are so cute and I really liked the mix.

Pocket Supermam said...

I just recently started listening to your stuff, and I was super excited when I found out you would be on tour with Childish Gambino. I went to the show in Atlantic City and I was blown away. The mixtape is dope, but after the concert I'm definitely hooked. I look forward to hearing more from you.

giveandgo (angie) said...

Sam! you were amaaaaazing. My friend and I enjoyed listening to you at Club Nokia! Did not disappoint. Keep it up! I'm so so sad about the whole NBA thing.. IDK what we're supposed to do this season. :( In the meanwhile, I'm converting all my friends to listen to your latest mixtape, because bumping this in my car makes me really happy haha.

Anonymous said...

great job at the gambino concert at club nokia in LA!!!!