The DJ Bag Reconsidered

Ever since I started DJing, I've been on the hunt for "the perfect DJ bag." Because let's face it. While shit like this is the obvious choice for DJs, it's NOT. CUTE. AT. ALL. And can ruin a perfectly good outfit. I currently shlep my stuff in this awesome BillyKirk bag that my friend Eric gave me for my birthday. And then a few weeks ago, the Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bag came out, and I was like this is it. This is the perfect DJ bag. I started looking at more designer totes to see if there were any options that fit my criteria. My criteria by the way is as follows:
  • Dimensions must be at least 13" tall x 13" wide, to fit vinyl records in it. The deeper the better, because I'm also toting around a laptop, adapter, headphones, needles, back up hard drive, candy (yah.), as well as my normal purse contents.
  • Zip top enclosure is preferrable.
  • Must be able to hold a lot of weight. (The Proenza Schouler PS1 did not make the cut because of this important point.)
  • And really it should be low maintenance, because DJ booths are sometimes small dirty pits of discomfort. White suede should never been considered, no matter how cute it is.
Here are some options I found, the Phillip Lim one being the one I super covet the most.

Phillip Lim
Alexander Wang


This is also my way of justifying a designer handbag purchase. "But I neeeeed it to hold my DJ stufffff."


Cee Frizzle said...

snag all of them. Don't even hesitate. Don't worry about next month's rent...


Kat said...

They're all great but the Celine is super heavy so idk if you'd want to add even more to that!