Casa Bianca

1650 Eagle Rock Boulevard
LA, CA 90041

4 out of 5 hearts.

HI PIZZA! Being a huge restaurant connoisseur aka heffer status, I am constantly looking up L.A.'s highly rated eateries and anything new to dabble my tastebuds in. Casa Bianca has been on the list of LA's Top 5 Pizzarias for like ever. So after years of curiousity , I finally visited this famous pizza joint with none other than the ultra-famous, so super fabulous Eagle Rock native, IBAY!

The restaurant is a super casual mom-and-pop kind of place that has been open for more than 50 years. The walls are littered with age-old photographs and the tables are covered with the signature Italian red/white checkered table cloths. I've heard that there is usually a long wait, so we got there as soon as it opened. We didn't have to wait for a table, but place was already brimming with customers.

K. so you wanna know. "Like is the pizza even good and stuff?" It is Fan-freaking-tastic pizza. We ordered a large with sausage and mushrooms. I am an admitted pizza blotter, and I didn't even have to blot this pizza cuz it wasn't caked with grease. Yowza! So yum! I definitely scarfed down half of the pizza all by myself.

Only 2 downers. It took forever long for the pizza to come out. Or maybe I was just famished. And it's ca$h only. Hi we're in the 2000's folks!

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