Vague Ass Memorial Day

i went to vegas for memorial day weekend, and mainly to celebrate my sister dana's 21st birthday. some people don't know that i claim dana as my sister, but if you don't know now you know suckaazzzzz

amanda, jordan, rj, johndee, and myself were part of princess dana's birthday entourage, that included:

(23,902) other family members...none of which even reside in vegas
(1) penthouse
(1) magic mic
(1) priest, and in-house Mass
(1) lechon
(1) elaborate home-cooked feast of filipino food

talk about a mobile filipino party. damn!

aside from family times, we went out saturday night and sunday night. saturday night started off pretty late, because people in our group were still arriving and whatnot. so by the time everyone met up, it was 1am. which could only mean one thing. time for V-Bar! V-Bar never fails me...you don't have to get there ridiculously early, no line to wait in, everyone gets in for free, the music is dope, there's room to dance. no name brand club bullshit, you get in, you drink, you have fun, you pass out. or if you're dana, you puke your face off, pass out in the public bathroom, and get wheel chaired out.

btw, vegas clubs are retarded. i understand how everything works, and it's so very nonsensical. what is a guestlist for if no one is going to look at it. bouncers are omnipotent, and hundreds of people stand outside of a club for 4 hours and then pay $100 to get in. so this is fun..how? f that.

or i'm bitter that i don't have more bouncer friends.
but i digress.

the point is, we went to smaller bars and had the best time! V-Bar on saturday, and Revolution on sunday (i picture tijuana everytime i think of revolution but it's sooo not the same). yay for sisters! i love that dana is 21 now, and amanda can pass for our 25 yr. old, 5'6, 160lb., half-korean cousin from hawaii. i love partying with the sisters!!


rj said...

"grey goose got the lord feelin loose!" super silly sammie

Christank said...

amen to the nonsensical vegas clubs! that's why it's fun being tk's frined. =)