11938 West Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90068
(310) 390-6005

2 out of 5 hearts.

my roomie for life and i met up for lunch at this organic spot near my house. it's been open for a year or so, and i thought it would be the perfect occasion to try it. kathy and i love to go on health stints and try healthy stuffs. i found leaf to be mediocre. not bad, but nothing to write home to mom about. as much as i love healthy, i do love it when my food has taste. and leaf is just a liiiiittle to leafy for me. the salads are decently sized, and you can opt to eat it as a wrap. as the name reveals, they make their wraps with a leaf. but not a lettuce leaf. it's this dark green, coarse leaf...the kind you'd use to wipe your butt if you were in the rainforest. the kind of leaf that sucks the taste right out of your food. so yah a little rough on the green. and not just the green that grows on trees. it was a little tough on the green that comes out of the wallet. unnecessarily expensive. the smoothie i ordered was pretty good, but it was also $5. meh...let's make like a tree, you know what i'm saying.

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