ummba grill

(in the Century City Plaza)

3 out of 5 hearts.

casey and i had a chance to catch up at my fave mall, century city plaza. we were going to watch a movie, but on our way to the theater, we passed by an outdoor lounge with plushy couches, a plasma, and heat lamps. we decided to stop into ummba grill for sunday afternoon happy hour. ummba is a brazilian restaurant, and if you don't know already, brazilian cuisine is big on meat. i'm not a big meat eater so maybe this wasn't a good choice for me. the food was not that impressive. and the service was ultra, ultra slow. if you skip the meal, it is however a mini tropical oasis in the middle of an outdoor metropolitan shopping plaza...so its a great place to enjoy happy hour with your friends if the weather permits. you can also watch the game there, while you munch on fried plantains and sip on discounted mojitos.

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