i've also been missing. but i'm back. and i'm recharged and rearing for more action!

i'm like a bull ready to breakout of its pen.
i'm like a tiger in a cage roaring for freedom.
i'm like umm an eggwhite yearning to separate from the yolk before it hits the extravirginoliveoiled pan.
i'm like a writer who just found a pen.
i'm like itchy and i just found a backscratcher.
i'm like sooo cool.

i can't really say where i've been...but i'll tell you for $5. either way i have been inspired tremendously. surely i have been let down in the past week. guess it wasn't my cup of tea. but i always thought i was the one to decide whether the cup of tea was mine or not. i was allowed a taste of a rather savory cup, and i wanted so much to chug down the rest of it. but in this case, my cup of tea decided for me. how rude almost!

to further lengthen the metaphor, i realized that i do really love the tea i tried, and that there are many cups of tea to be had. and i will traverse high and low, until i find a cup of tea to call my very own. to have and to hold, to sip and to cherish. and it will be just as sweet and savory.

so, lots to do!
- gym
- new bike!
- yogging
- rootdown thursdays
- transit events
- more temp work
- more auditions
- japanese class
hi like so much!

i want to take mini-trips san diego and the bay soon too!

happy summer, happy happy summerrrrrrrr


-ThePrince- said...

yeaaa! your back.

Christank said...

wherever the heck u were, glad ur back re-charged and re-focused. maybe i should disappear for a while too.