i've tried yoga several times, in several different settings...a recreational class at ucsd, a class at LA fitness, the yoga studio near my apartment in la jolla. and maybe it's because i'm a dancer that i have always found yoga to be really really really ridiculously boring and non-stimulating. I WANNA MOVE! not just HOLD a weird pose! i've fallen asleep during yoga, and so i've deemed it a soporific activity that just "isn't for me".

last night one of my girlfriends, valerie, took me to the yoga class she goes to. recalling my past experiences, was a bit reluctant, but she said it was donation-based, whereas most classes are $15 a session. and i'm always down for a bargain, so i took her up on her offer.

we went to Power Yoga in santa monica, and may i begin by saying this was hands-down the best class i have ever been to. it was like straight out of a sex and the city episode, with a room packed full of men and women, eclectic yuppies, all ethnicities, moms, hippies, i even saw an 8 year old boy...all brimming with great energy. beginners, experts, other yoga teachers, everyone was welcome. if this was a movie set, it was casted to perfection.

i would describe the instructor as the rachel ray of yoga. she has a calm but naturally cheerful voice, not that dronyemoi'mtryingtoohardtosoundspiritual voice. and she has all these little anecdotes about life while she's guiding us through the positions.

and everyone was involved. judgement out the window, each person was doing their best, falling over, breathing deeply, dripping sweat. the room was heated so i was able to really lengthen and stretch all my muscles. and no joke, i walked out of the room feeling like a better person, more open, more accepting, more loving.

FAN F'ing TASTIC. definitely changed my perspective on this spiritual artform.

Yay for Yoga!

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Christank said...

omg i had the SAME opinion about yoga. maybe it is a dance thing? i need to try this place!