so to add to my personal campaign for environmental awareness, i'm gonna start using my bike to run local errands like going to the gym, post office, bank, farmer's market, coffee shop, my hair stylist, etc. in a country that thrives off of convenience, why not take eco-advantage of locality and save some gas. keep it real, in LA you NEED a car, but when you can use alternate transporation, all i have to say is...when in rome. ok that rome part doesn't even make sense, but the rest of it does.

i'm excited too because my sister and i want to get those cute cruiser bikes! i'm searching on craig's list for the perfect one to match my future mini cooper. the only downer is helmet hair. i would opt for helmetless riding, but safety first dudes. so yo i'm gonna start a bike gang called banana seat babies. shine your spokes and get some new streamers cuz we're going to town!

(pic taken from the sartorialist, awesome blog)

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