5 out of 5 hearts.

i eat out a lot, but while i tend to try a lot of new spots, i am a faithful patron to a slew of restaurants. this is one of them. tofu-ya is a local korean restaurant in the sawtelle x olympic district. not only is it in one of my favorite areas to hang out, the food along this street is really good too. tofu-ya a great place to quickly satiate your korean food craving. you know it's good when there are elderly korean people eating there. all of the tofu is great...the kimchee is not that great, but the glass noodles, bean sprouts, and fishcake are bomb. the bulgogi is good too. not dry and not too greasy. it can get crowded, but you can hit up all the boutiques while you wait to be seated. always a favorite! two peace signs up for tofu-ya.

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