D.D.L. Roundhouse

I have been feeling DDL Roundhouse since I first saw their show at Paladinos. Perfect blend of live instrument, hip hop, jazz, and dope covers. I got word from Chris (THANK YOU SO MUCH) of DDL Roundhouse that they were looking to add a female to their band. So naturally I jumped at the chance. Friday night I went to their practice and jammed with them for a bit, and luckily they liked me!

So they invited me to record a track with them yesterday. It was an amazing experience! We recorded in the same studio that No Doubt recorded Tragic Kingdom. It was nuts, I came in and wrote rifts and hooks for "Martini" in like an hour! WHOA!

Me with DDL Roundhouse at the recording studio

All of the guys are such talented musicians or emcees, and really passionate about their craft. So inspiring. The awesome thing is that I've known Jason, their keyboardist, since I was 14. He's a dope dj, an amazing pianist, has a so much soul as well as a great ear for music. We've been to so many shows together, and share love for the same kind of music, so I am definitely honored to be sharing musical space with someone who i have so much admiration and respect for.

Everything's moving super fast, so I'm trooping along, rollling with it, and having a good time. In fact, they have a show on July 27 at Paladino's in Tarzana. And they will be featuring me, so I get to perform!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I have not sung on stage since college, I cannot wait. Whoever is reading this, come out to Paladino's and share this experience with me!



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Dana Angela said...

about time! stage+singing+sam=meant2be

proud of the zizta zalent!zozuperzam!!!!