Mental Gallimaufry

greetings from my current temp job, which we will call Company X. i think i have gained about 16 pounds since I got here at 12pm. It's the president's birthday today, so they provided his favorite meal-- an in n out truck. i had already eaten lunch before i arrived but who can say no to a free meal? i got a double double protein lover with grilled onions and no sauce. i have never really taken to the in n out sauce. THEN i had a piece of his birthday cake with a glass of milk. and now i just ate a grilled cheese sandwich. lord help me.

reception desk + birthday meals = heffer status
( where reception desk = not busy )

all this in n out got me thinking about all this temp work i do. the whole in n outness of it. in one month i can have worked in as many as 5 or 6 different offices. it's the same deal but with different coworkers. it's that awkward first day feeling everytime. you quickly absorb the company directory, trying to memorize as many names and faces and extension numbers and procedure that you will never need to know again. you're never quite in on the inside jokes, always out of the loop, but you try your best to connect with these people to feel that sense of belonging, as fleeting as it may be. you build these ephemeral affections only to call it quits at the end of the day, possibly never to see these people again.

it's detached, it's shallow, it's empty.
it's this overt lack of permanence that may perhaps be attributing to my recent inability to commit to anything or anyone.

it's robotic much like this robot temp that is starting to be used in japanese offices.

i'm a corporate gypsy.

...i'm getting old. after i leave this job, i'm going to a New Grad Welcome Mixer that the UCSD Alum.Assoc. LA Chapter is hosting. we are welcoming them into old age world. i have been newly appointed as one of the directors of the LA chapter! how exciting! anyway i hope we have a good turn out tonight. it's such a good networking opportunity especially for new grads. gooooooo tritons!


yesterday i got my best bowling score ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to which i was granted the sparkly pro bowling ball. i had to take a picture because i don't know what my chances are of ever getting this kind of score again.

i'm so scared to even play the bowling game anymore because i don't want to lose my skill level points!

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