Pink Taco

Westfield Century City Mall
10250 Santa Monica Boulevard
Century City, CA 90067

this restaurant chain with the fun name made its starstudded los angeles opening in late June. Even Jodi Sweedin from Full House was there! WOO HOO! Lofty ceilings, air brushed lowrider hoods adorn the wall, kitschy images of the virgin mary. my idea of chola-chic. it's a fun place to go and have some drinks.

and on to the food.

i don't know about you, but when i go to a mexican restaurant, i expect to eat some mexican food. not some watered down americanized excuse to drink tequila. and living in los angeles and san diego, you know that you can get some really good mexican food from a taco truck for like $3. so knowing i'm going to pay more than $3, i was hoping to be impressed. here's what i got:

CHIPS & SALSA. pretty good, you get 2 kinds of salsa.
HOUSE MARGARITA. no happy hour specials, not bad, but uber duber saltier than i'm used to.
VEGGIE QUESADILLA. this one i liked. that was yum.
PINK TACO PLATE. 3 "pink" tacos, refried beans, and rice. the "pink" on the tacos is pickled onions that are dyed hot pink. the tacos are really tiny, the pickled onion things are disgusting, the beans and rice were mediocre.

this is my message to the world: if you're gonna do mexican food in LA, do it right.


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