Sprinkles Cupcakes

9635 Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Just when you thought LA couldn't get any more frivolous...then come designer cupcakes. Who the hell knew. The shop is in the heart of Beverly Hills, you'll know when you see the line out the door and down the block. So I fall into this neat little line thinking are these cupcakes even good? It's pretty obvious by the intent faces around me that a lot of people like this place. But there is a large tendency in these parts to spend lots of money for the mere sake of spending money, regardless of the actual quality. i.e. anyone carrying around a fendi bag from the fall 2007 collection, these are the culprits i'm talking about. cuz those bags are f'ing ugly and really expensive. and really ugly.

back to the review at hand. $3.25 per cupcake. i needed to understand. after waiting in line for about 30 minutes, i decided i had to do this right. there is no way i am leaving with only one cupcake. in order to make an accurate judgement, i ordered a dozen, 1 of each of the 11 kinds they were offering that day + 1 additional red velvet cupcake. since yesterday i have been taste testing a quarter piece of each cupcake. it's a tough life i lead, i know.

YUMMMMMM these are really really good cupcakes. at first i didn't see the need for name brand cupcakes, but now that i think about it...without sprinkles, you either make your own cupcakes or buy those really disgusting ones from the grocery store. and grocery store cupcakes are barfy mcyuckerton.

most of the cupcake flavors are delicious, but my favorite is the red velvet, i think it's made with real bits of awesome. it is a damn good cake, really thick, moist, and rich. and the frosting is heavenly.

also high on my ranking are the ginger lemon, pumpkin, vanilla, and peanut butter. the cinnamon sugar one was really dry, so i would not recommend that one. i'll have to go back to try some of the other flavors i missed by going on a wednesday...i'm curious about chai, mocha, orange, and lemon.

Sprinkles gets a big SO SUPER YES from me.

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Michelle said...

the mocha cupcake is super yummy. you must revisit and taste this one. it's by far my most favorite Sprinkles flavor. (hehe, i go to the one in newport beach)

i thought the cinnamon sugar cupcake would be great, but...boo, not so great :( they used to have a flourless chocolate cupcake....if you ever see it there again...it's quite heavenly!

did you try eating the stupid colorful decoration things? The bakers told me they were edible. But, I'm convinced they're plastic. I also enjoy the wooden utensils. :-P

Happy tastings, cousin!