And So I Was

suffocating in a windowless room treading in
a heap of keys, though only one will unlock
the door to 913 golden paths

every option exhausted you now
hold emancipation in your hands
you stand at the threshold ready to emerge

now you believe in what draws near
in the magical mirror dreams are
a lot closer than they once appeared

less relieved cuz from what you can see
this corridor of dreams
is much less enchanting than it seemed

however you might, time won't turn back
not a trace of the world you left behind
just a taunting voice echoes through your mind

i am standing. tortured but standing.
feeling the ground under my feet
feeling the pain of the door hit me

on my way out.
shutting me out.
closing, i'm out.

riddance. whether good or bad,
riddance had to be had.

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