DDL at Nisei Week Festival

the j-town show was really cute. in an awkward way. it was cute cuz it was a saturday afternoon at a culture festival. a lot of our family members came out too, so it was like family day! and our japanese hosts/roadies/tech crew was awesome. there was a crew of highschool boys who helped unload everything and gave us snacks and water. i even got hooked up with a hello kitty lychee calpico drink! holler!

and the show was well kinda awkward! it's weird trying to rock a show in the middle of the day in front of a seated sober adult audience and their toddler children. it's STRANGE! but it was fun anyway. i sang soul2squeeze for the first time. it was pretty nerve racking, but i got through it okay i guess.

and on the marketing front, we debuted our new cd labels, new logo, and xerox fliers. thank you jules and abelards for your help on this!

here's pics from the show:


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