1760 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

"There's No Place Like Home"...is the glowing message that arches over the entrance to Home in Los Feliz. There really is no place like it in LA. The dining experience is truly one of a kind. First of all, IT'S SO CUTE! You're sitting on a huge front porch, under a single old tree that seems to canopy the entire space. All of the tables are candle lit, and there's an oversized porch lantern peeking through the tree branches that acts as a chandelier in this al fresco dining room. There's a constant hum of jovial chitter chatter amongst the 20 and 30-something's donned in super casual tshirts and sundresses.

As the name suggests, the menu is full of home-style dishes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it's strictly comfort food with a modern edge. Nothing too fancy, trendy, or experimental. I made the mistake of ordering the warm spinach salad. I have problems eating mushy food, so I didn't like it. But Ibay ordered a Chicken Picatta dish, and it tasted really yummy. OOO also, they have a full bar. HOLLER!

It is perfect for a summer date. Luckily in LA, most days feel like summer! I went for dinner, but I'm sure a Sunday brunch would be just as divine.

at home we say SO SUPER YES!

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ibay said...

I repeat do not try to have food delivered from here..they have some ridiculous 1 mile radius for delivery!!!!!

But! the food is YUM MEEEE!!!

When in rome!!!!