New Hire

Yay!!!! I got hired at NPA! Check it out at www.npa.net. I start on Monday, I'm soooo super excited and soooo super duper relieved! They have been dangling this offer in front of my nose for the past 2 weeks, and now it's official!

this is nutso, my whole lifestyle is going to change tomorrow.

. no more hustling from job to job wondering if i'll be able to pay my bills
. no more erratic schedule, last minute changes, last minute cancellations, not being able to make plans with people
. no more reception work at a new place everyday
. i can go to sleep knowing what i'm doing the next day

i'm not going to stop dancing, i'm merely changing my life's focus

. music// writing songs, singing, really working on DDL Roundhouse
. real estate// getting my license, starting a business
. saving money// for investing, paying off my school loans, buying a car at the end of the year
. hobbies// committing to yoga, japanese class, vocal lessons
. achieving other dreams// running a marathon, traveling
. dance// enjoying it again


. i'll have my own desk with my own office supplies
. POST IT NOTES!!!!!!!!!
. i'll be following the teachings of harold's lunch packer savings method
. there's no dress code at my office, so i can wear whateverssssss!

weeeee hoooooooo!


Christank said...

congrats sam! how exciting! and yeah, ur not giving anything up...ur just reorganizing ur life. you can still actively participate in everything u want to...just with some adjustments. good job, congrats again and welcome to the land of endless (and FREE) office supplies!

Harold said...

shama lama ding dong. Congrats friend.