Talk Less Do More

...may very well be my mantra of the moment, seeing as i have been doing lots of things and have had no time to blog.

So let me take a little breather right now to type to my heart's delight, and keep you refreshed on that which is so.super.sam.

i bought a new car almost a month ago! i had been ogling this car for awhile, and it still seems surreal to me that i actually got it! wootwoot! it was my first big purchase, and after all the negotiating, paperworking, signaturing, and processing, i'm almost positive i have entered the gateway into old people world. at least i am entering in a stylish new ride!

is bagel scooping an LA thing? k. but seriously there is nothing like a scooped, well-toasted bagel.

so last week, i was opening the passenger door of my mom's car to get something from inside. meanwhile my mom is in the driver's seat and starts backing up as i'm simultaneously opening the door & ducking into the car. and BOOM BAM, the corner of the cardoor hits me really hard right below my right eye. So for the past week i have had a really ugly and painful black eye. and for the past week i have been negating the rumors that my boyfriend abuses me. "sam, i didn't know you were that kind of girl." "sam you don't have to take that." umm....how annoying? why, yes. anyway, thanks to the genius who invented concealer, i have been able to go on about my life fairly normally. i just hope this bruise on my face is but a faint memory very very soon.

all the news about korea is pretty exciting! north korea wants to be nice and dismantle their nuclear plants over the remainder of this year. holler for armistice. peace in the southeast. and get i get an amen for denuclearization? whew what a relief. i wonder if they'll break down the DMZ next?

and lastly, i miss britney spears. i saw her new music video and i was almost put to tears at how sad it was. and then i went through and watched all my favorite britney performances of the past and how beautiful she was, and how much i adored her. and how inspiring she was to me as a performer. oh brit brit, as much as you are a lunatic, i wish you well and hope for the best for you!

annnd, back to work, mmmbye.


Christank said...

i am so with you on the britney tip. i used to adore her as a performer, and it is SO sad and disgusting to see what she has dwindled down to. boohoo..

anyhow, so wat kinda new car did you get?????????????

ps. hallelujah for make up.

Harold said...



hometown china

Amanda Lee said...

you forgot to mention the application of ass-cream to the black eye! i hope it's getting better..