Thursday Thinking


as of late i've been really inspired by street art. there is something really profound about finding an aesthetic quality in an urban medium. the whole "concrete rose" idea...knowing that the dense stone and rigid steel of industrialized worlds have the potential for artistry and depth.

anyway, progress on the black eye...it's almost gone, thanks to preparation H. The secret is that I've been applying the leading name in ass cream to my face. how cute is that! but it works, and i guess it's a well known trick of the trade among fighters and women with eye bags or dark circles. so now you know.

this weekend my friends are getting married. harold and i are going as prom dates, and i'm pretty excited for it...buying a dress, wrapping a gift... i've only been to a wedding as a child, so this is my first real experience attending a wedding. i'm gonna be singing at the reception, with dana as my pianist! oh love is a beautiful thing. congrats to dee and lala, the bride and groom to be!

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