Last Night

Tonight is the last show of the year for DDL Roundhouse. I have been with the band since July of this year, and may I say that it has been an interesting experience for me. I have learned a lot about music, I've learned about about my own creative process, I've learned about other people, and most of all I learned a lot about myself.

There is definitely a difference between music I like to dance to and music I like to sing. I find that I'm a lot more mellow when it comes to expressing myself through my voice. In terms of creating a song and arranging it, I realized that I'm not half as bad as I thought it was. Vocally, I have improved in the past months but I want to get better. Geez, it seems like yesterday I was on stage at Paladinos, being introduced for the first time as a member of DDL.

First Performance with DDL Roundhouse

Sharing the same creative space with other people is really frustrating and stifling at times. And it's not so easy to share it with a bunch of guys. Being the only girl is sometimes so alienating.

Some moments are so rewarding and exuberating, some days I want to cry and pull my hair out. Nevertheless I wanted to join this band for the opportunity to grow, learn, and try something new. And all of my wishes have been granted.

Thanks DDL.