joining ddl is really opening me up as a budding song writer. every new song is a challenge to find the write words, pick out notes to match, in hopes that both will create a harmonious ensemble that people like to call "music". and when your ensemble is just the right combination of lyric and melody, you then have what we dub a "hit". it's like wearing a dope outfit and making the best dressed list.

well thing is i don't want a stylist. i want to create my own sound. it's been really hard and nerve wracking. i'm a perfectionist, and everything is never good enough, always a work in progress. but i'm working on feeling more confident in my creativity, while constantly working at technique...studying, practicing, training.

training the ear, the voice, the soul, the mind.

hope the training pays off someday. and maybe that someday i'll be singing my song in a dope outfit. a girl can dream can't she.

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