Truth is I

had a shitty morning. i found out in the 2 hours i've been awake that 1. i don't know how to hard boil eggs, and 2. i can't parallel park my car. HOW LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i say "had" a shitty morning, because even though it is still morning, it will be shitty no longer. i am changing my morning around RIGHT. NOW. because you know why!? THE LAKERS F#$king WON BOTH OF THEIR GAMES THIS WEEKEND. oh no i'm sorry, "won" is an understatement. THE LAKERS KILLED EVERYBODY THIS WEEKEND!!! wooooo!

F@#$ the laker haters and F^$@ parallel parking and F^#@ hard boiled eggs.

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Christank said...

i recently discovered how to make hard boiled eggs and they come out amazing every time!!! no green on the yolk either!!! if u want the secret, let me know.

FUCK THE LAKER HATERS!!!! i got excited when i read ur comment b/c true fans like us gotta stick together forever. MIDDLE FINGERS TO EVERYBODY ELSE. (rex's jersey is a fake one from the pi haha)