Day 2: Sans Make Up

Yesterday was the first day in years that I made a conscious decision to refrain from putting on make up. I'm not used to seeing my face in its natural state, so I think I look pretty scary.

But I guess the world, including myself, will have to get used to it. Cuz it turns out, that's who I am. This face. In all it's blotchy imperfection.

And today, I didn't put make up on AGAIN. WOW. It's kinda refreshing. But I will definitely be wearing make up when I go out tonight. I'm not that crazy.


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Christank said...

omg. so i've been sans make up all week, but b/c of my eye infection. i too, look scary. i feel like ppl don't even recognize me hahah. but yeah, fuck going out with no make up on! that is crazy talk! :) hope all is well, miss ya!